Dr. Dubin and Dr. Reh participated in national meetings on sinusitis and sinus surgery in 2021

As recognized national leaders in the treatment of chronic sinusitis and endoscopic sinus surgery, Dr. Dubin and Dr. Reh participate in several national ENT meetings. In July they directed the 10th Annual Summer Sinus Symposium in Austin, Texas. This is the largest sinus meeting in the world. Experts give lectures to update ENT doctors on the newest advances in treatments and technology in the treatment of chronic sinusitis and sinonasal disorders. Dr. Dubin and Reh not only direct the course but gave several lectures as well.

In September, Dr. Dubin and Dr. Reh were in Los Angeles, CA at the American Rhinologic Society’s Annual meeting. They gave several lectures and participated on a panel on Rhinology (treatment of sinus and nasal problems) in private practice.

If you have issues involving your nose and sinuses, contact Dr. Dubin or Reh at Baltimore Sinus Specialists for their expertise.