Over the last decade, many procedures and techniques have been developed to address nasal and sinus issues that have historically required a general anesthetic (i.e. put to sleep) and 7-10 days of recovery.  These procedures include balloon dilation of the sinuses (Sinuplasty), inferior turbinate reductions and other procedures to improve breathing.

Dr. Dubin and Reh offer ALL minimally invasive sinus and nasal procedures currently available.

The Drs. offer in office polyp removal with Polypvac and/or other similar devices to the appropriate candidates.

They were the FIRST physicians in Maryland in 2016 to offer Latera*, the “breathe right” strips that can be inserted into the nose to improve nasal breathing. 

They have been performing inferior turbinate reductions (powered turbinpolasty) for over 5 years, pioneering the move in the region to do this procedure in the office

The Drs. have been performing balloon dilations* since 2005, prior to it’s commercial availability.  

*Disclosure: Because of their expertise, Drs. Dubin and Reh are consultants to several companies who offer in-office/minimally invasive devices.