Although I have been talking to my patients about it for years, the new steroid implant “Sinuva” by Intersect is finally here. This implant is placed in the office and gives off a low dose of steroid (similar to what is in over the counter steroid sprays) over the course of several months. For many of my challenging patients who continue to have polyps despite our best efforts, this is a great new option. My hope is that this will decrease the amount of oral prednisione that polyp patients require.

It was FDA approved at the end of 2017 and has limited availability as of 3/1/18. I am pleased to be the first in the region to offer this new and exciting therapy to my patients.

The insurance coverage is a work in progress but if you are interested, and I haven’t discussed it with you and/or seen you in the last six month, please call the office and make an appointment. Check out the official information here: