Winter in Baltimore can often leave many wondering if their runny nose and sneezing are due to seasonal allergies or a common cold. This confusion is a frequent issue faced by our patients at Baltimore Sinus. In this blog, we’ll explore the differences between these two conditions and
explain how an appointment with us can help you find the right treatment and relief.

Distinguishing Symptoms

While both colds and allergies share symptoms like a runny nose and sneezing, there are key differences:

Duration: Colds typically resolve within 7-10 days, whereas allergy symptoms can last as long as you’re exposed to the allergen.
Onset of Symptoms: Allergy symptoms start immediately after exposure to allergens, while cold symptoms develop gradually.
Type of Nasal Discharge: Colds often produce thicker, yellowish nasal discharge, whereas allergies usually cause clear, thin mucus.
Associated Symptoms: Itching of the nose, eyes, or throat is common with allergies but are less common with colds.

Why Consult Baltimore Sinus?

At Baltimore Sinus, we specialize in distinguishing between these conditions. We understand that effective treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis.

During your consultation, we can:
Perform a comprehensive exam including nasal endoscopy to assess the anatomy and tissues in your sinonasal cavities
Perform allergy tests to identify specific allergens.
Review your symptoms and their progression.
Offer professional advice on managing allergies or treating a cold.

Managing Winter Allergies

If your symptoms are due to allergies, we can guide you on how to reduce exposure to allergens.

Our recommendations may include:
Using air purifiers to remove allergens from your environment.
Regular cleaning to reduce dust and pet dander.
Considering allergy medications or immunotherapy for long-term relief.

Dealing with a Cold

For a cold, we might suggest:

Adequate rest and hydration.
Over-the-counter cold remedies to alleviate symptoms.
Humidifiers to add moisture to the air, easing congestion.

Determining whether your winter symptoms are due to allergies or a cold can be challenging. At Baltimore Sinus, we’re dedicated to helping you find the cause of your discomfort and providing the most effective treatment plan. If you’re experiencing persistent runny nose and sneezing
this winter, don’t wait for the symptoms to worsen. Schedule an appointment with us today for a thorough evaluation and personalized care.