How Breathing Improves Sports Performance

If you're an athlete, you're likely on the lookout for ways to improve your performance. You may be surprised that better breathing can do wonders for the way you perform during practices and games. In fact, many Olympic athletes work to perfect their breathing technique so they can excel. Keep reading to learn how better breathing and improved sports performance go hand in hand.

Practice Buteyko Breathing Technique

K.P. Buteyko, a Russian scientist, had a theory that hyperventilating or breathing at an abnormally fast rate can get in the way of performance. Therefore, he came up with the Buteyko breathing technique, which promotes breathing through the nose as well as taking in just the right amount of air.

He recommends using this technique when in everyday situations like playing a sport or walking uphill, which may cause you to breathe more than necessary. So why is nose breathing so important?

When you begin to breathe through your mouth, the oxygen you're taking in is being used ineffectively. As a result, you'll send signals to your brain that your body is using too much energy and must slow down. This can add a great deal of stress to your body and make it all too easy for you to quit performing optimally well before you should.

With the Buteyko breathing technique, you can prevent coughing, wheezing, and breathlessness, which are likely to occur when you hyperventilate. You can also ensure your body and mind remains in a more controlled state.

Try Nose Dilators

Just like their name implies, nose dilators dilate or widen the nasal airways. There are many athletes and trainers who feel that nose dilators improve athletic performance. You can find them over-the-counter or at your doctor's office.

If you participate in a non-contact sport such as swimming or running, you may want to consider a small plastic device that you insert in your nostrils to expand your airway from the inside.

Be on the Lookout for Revolutionary Treatments

Fortunately, there have been cutting-edge medical devices such as VIVAER developed to reconstruct the nasal valve, which is located within the nose. This non-invasive procedure gently and permanently reshapes the nasal valve using low-temperature radio-frequency energy. The purpose of this in-office treatment is to target the nasal passage at its most narrow point so that you can breathe a larger volume of air through your nose.

If you'd like to take your sports performance to new heights, keep these ideas in mind. In the event your breathing interferes with the way you perform, don't hesitate to consult an ENT.

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