Although not everything that leads to a stuffy nose is allergy, allergy is a major part of what starts to affect patients in the early spring. When the trees start to bloom (in Maryland that can be anywhere from now until April) is when we start to see what tree pollen does to peoples nose. The season then stretches to October as grass and ultimately weed pollen takes over.

As tree allergy season can start as soon as the weather permits, and most likely in the next 4 weeks, it is time to start thinking about preparations for it. If you have known tree allergy, it is time to start taking the medications that have been suggested in the past to help prevent your symptoms.

If you have never been tested, this is the perfect time to do so, as you will most likely have to stop many of your allergy medications to get tested. Certainly this is easier to do now, when there is almost no pollen in the air than in 2 months when you are already miserable!